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everything happens somewhere

the power of geography This web site is jointly sponsored in Great Britain by the Association for Geographic Information AGI®), the Intra-governmental Group on Geographic Information (IGGI) and Ordnance Survey®.

using geospatial information A key feature of the site will be a toolkit. This will be a set of evolving and interrelated briefing materials and case studies that promote the business benefits of using geospatial information. These materials are intended to assist in informing and educating policy makers and data users about the widespread potential of using spatial data and geospatial technology to assist in the achievement of business objectives. The tools are designed for use by those tasked with imparting messages to help familiarize their colleagues with a more effective way of addressing, through the power of geographic information, real-world problem solving in their day-to-day business.

"Geography is one of the key common frameworks that will enable us to link information together and boost efficiency in government."

Andrew Pinder, former Government e-Envoy


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